Cornell Tree Climbing Institute

TLC:TRNG Tower Training Fall 2012

TLC:TRNG Tower Training Fall 2012

Course Schedule

Date Time Activity
Fri Sep 28 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm Class

Enroll Now

Courses are open to everyone. Students can enroll on Student Center. Anyone may also enroll by contacting Amy Woodin:

Amy Woodin
(607) 255-6183

The Essentials

Prerequisites: Must currently be on staff as a highs level 1 or level 2 facilitator, or 2-3 years experience in challenge course operations.
Course Fee:
$-0.00 (students)
$-0.00 (CU faculty/staff)
$-0.00 (community)
Interested in Financial Assistance? Download an application and see if you qualify.
Drop Deadline:
Thursday, August 30, 2012
PE Credit
Available for PE credit.
P ED (ID #)
Course Coordinator
Amy Kohut
(607) 254-7474

First Class:
Attendance at first class is required. Bring completed medical forms and health insurance information.

Equipment Needed: