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Paddling Courses

There's a boat for every personality. With a fleet of high performance whitewater canoes, sea kayaks, flatwater canoes, and whitewater kayaks, there is an endless variety of ways to explore our waterways. Go ahead and choose the craft that fits your vision of fun: whitewater or flat water, built for stability, or built for maneuverability, for going long distances or for playing in one set of exciting rapids...each boat has its own unique personality and appeal. All of the courses will cover paddling techniques, safety, reading water, trip planning, and gear considerations in an interactive and fun way.


Greenland Style Kayaking Seminar
Start Date - Tue Mar 17
Come see how a Greenland Style "Stick Paddle" opens up a world of efficient paddling and relaxed, confident kayak rolling. Three sessions in the pool will use Greenland Style Paddles to explore kayak rolling and paddle strokes.  In addition to using a particularly ergonomic stroke, Greenland Style is a great introduction to rolling for beginning paddlers, as well as offering new options to experienced kayakers.  Many people that have struggled with learning to roll find that just a few sessions with a "Stick " deliver success. Open to all experience levels, all equipment provided.

Introduction to Sea Kayaking
Start Date - Tue Apr 21
Learn the basics to get you started with sea kayaking out on the lake. This class will cover information about equipment, loading, launching & landing your kayak, exiting and re-entering your kayak in open water, and basic paddling stroke technique. Class meets at the Helen Newman Pool for the evening classes and will paddle on local lakes for the day trips. No previous paddling experience necessary.

Kayak Rolling Clinic
Start Date - Tue Feb 24
Kayaking can be alot more fun when you can easily turn your boat upright. Gaining confidence in your roll will make you a better paddler and give you an edge when taking your skills outdoors. Take advantage of this indoor-pool setting to learn, and/or fine-tune, kayak rolling techniques. Whether you are more interested in whitewater kayaking or sea kayaking; if you are a brand new paddler or you are just looking to take your skills to the next level, our instructors will work with you to ultimately make you a more skilled and confident boater. This three-evening class is designed to help progress your skills by working on bracing, edge control, different types of rolling, and more advanced skills . Not for PE credit.

Outdoor Adventure
Start Date - Fri Apr 10
Having trouble deciding what outdoor class to try? Outdoor Adventure does a little of it all! Classes will spend a day canoeing, a day rockclimbing, a day hiking trip, and then tops it all off overnight backpacking trip. No experience is necessary.

Pool Paddling
Start Date - Thu Feb 5
Learn the fundamentals of kayaking in the controlled environment of the pool. This class will give you a solid progression of skills that will be easily transferable to an open water or river experience. Learn and practice a wide range of skills in whitewater kayaks including fundamental paddling strokes, bracing, rolling and boat handling skills like edging and carving. Paddling games, a slalom gate course, and focused exercises will provide a fun and interactive group learning experience.

River Canoeing
Start Date - Tue Apr 7
Learn the skills to manuever a tandem canoe on moving water. Experience nature in a new way this spring as you paddle with new friends and camp out in beautiful places. Students are required to have some basic canoeing skills to register for this class. If you are brand new to canoeing please check out our Recreational Canoeing classes first.

Stand Up Paddleboarding
Start Date - Wed Apr 15
Try paddling standing up. We are excited to show you how much fun you can have on stand up paddleboards. Experience Cayuga Lake from a new vantage point. Stay active and engage your whole body. Learn something fun in a small group setting. Our instructors will teach you all the basics including: stance, paddling technique, turning, and more. No previous paddling experience is necessary but you must be a comfortable recreational swimmer to take this course.

Whitewater Kayaking
Start Date - Thu Apr 16
This is an introduction to whitewater kayaking including classes to get you comfortable in a kayak in the pool and progressing to class II / III whitewater. Learn basic boat handling skills such as edging, bracing, rolling, and paddle strokes. Kayaking on the river will give you the opportunity to learn how to read the water and practice maneuvering across current with ferries, eddy turns, and peel outs. River destinations will be dependent on river levels. This class culminates in a weekend camping trip with two days of paddling.

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Outdoor Adventure
Start Date - Fri Sep 4
Having trouble deciding what outdoor class to try? Outdoor Adventure does a little of it all! Classes will spend a day canoeing, a day rockclimbing, a day hiking trip, and then tops it all off overnight backpacking trip. No experience is necessary.

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