From low and high challenge course activities to on-site professional simulations, we offer a wide variety of programs and settings. 

Select one of our many "program offerings" located on the right side of this page to learn more about the types of groups that we work with. If you are further questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Our staff excel at tailoring programs to meet your specific program goals and group needs.

Typical teambuilding programs include icebreaker games to help your group learn each other's names and start to create a positive culture together. From there we will either facilitate low initiatives which will challenge your group to work together, build trust and develop leadership and communication skills or high elements which focus on personal growth, overcoming obstacles and supporting each other.


Sample Programs

Light and Lively

Our facilitators will come to your location of choice and spend 2 or so hours with your group running name games and group activities that are focused on helping participants make connections and become comfortable working together.

Half Day of Lows or Highs

Half day programs are usually 3 or 4 hours long and will either be all low elements or all high elements. 

Lows Programs are centered around goals such as building support and trust among group members, learning various styles of communication which your group can implement in their day-to-day lives, understanding different leadership styles and how those affect a team or finding out how to work through challenges efficiently and effectively.

Highs Programs are geared more towards individual growth and understanding the value of diversity among group members. Participants may have a chance to support each other through a variety of physical and psychological challenges. These may include ziplining, jumping from 30 foot poles, balancing up in the air or traversing across cables, all while harnessed into a climbing system.


Full Day of Lows and/or Highs

A full day of teambuilding will either be a combination of the Low and High Programs listed above, or the entire day can be spent on just one of these styles of program, going into greater detail to further strengthen the bonds of your group. Typically there is a break in the middle of the day where your group can eat lunch and relax together. Faciltators may teach lessons in leadership, giving and receiving feedback or other forms of group interactions that will benefit your team.


Professional Program

Our professional programs can either take place at our ropes course, or at your venue of choice. We will facilitate a variety of activities that will help to fulfill your group's goals by simulating scenarios that they can relate to. We may also introduce models of good teamwork, decision making and communication styles that will give you the building blocks for an effective team.


Video courtesy of the 2015 Cornell Women's Lacrosse Team