Explorations in Leadership

Explorations in Leadership is a 2-credit course that provides practical, experiential development opportunities to prepare students to excel as team members and leaders in their fields. Funded by the Center for Engaged Learning & Research, this is open to all undergraduates university-wide. ENGRG 3010 took place Fridays, 8am-11am during Spring 2015.

Students will embark on a journey of self-discovery, teamwork, and skill development, framed by lessons learned from a variety of leaders- from the extraordinary leadership of polar explorers to modern leaders in industry. Participants will employ a variety of tools designed to build personal, team and organizational leadership capacity, including StrengthsQuest and The Leadership Wheel, and will engage in conflict resolution training and other experiential learning opportunities. They will practice leading others and prepare for leadership across disciplines.

The program welcomes individuals who are already active leaders on campus, as well as students who have not yet found opportunities to lead. In the application process, we look for a student's desire to develop and challenge themselves to work outside of their comfort zone to enhance the team's effort.

Course Content:

  • Exploring Leader Purpose
  • Leading from Strengths
  • Team Problem Solving
  • Preventing Mutiny
  • The Ethical Leader

Questions? We are happy to discuss this exciting opportunity with you!  Contact us at teambuilding@cornell.edu or 254-4897

Part of the Spring 2015 Explorations team on their wilderness practicum weekend, where the Finger Lakes National Forest became a living laboratory for situational leadership.