Our clients have seen the power that experiential learning has in developing team and leadership skills for their groups. The challenge is often bringing these learnings back into the workplace and making them stick in the face of old habits and work pressures. Individual and Team Coaching are excellent tools for integration and embodying of the lessons learned through experience at CTLC programs.

Coaching most often takes place in one-on-one sessions, by phone, or in person, though we can also provide team coaching as well.

Through CTLC coaching, you can expect to build:

  • Changes "on the ground" that reflect new paradigms, values and priorities
  • New habits & practices for strong leadership and high performance teamwork
  • Somatic awareness of how the body informs your life and work
  • Effective group development plans based on team and individual goals
  • Continuing support for personal and group effectiveness

You can get more information or schedule sessions by emailing Typically, we will meet with you for 1-1.5 hours 2-3 times per month supported by fieldwork exercises between sessions.

Try us out!

Pricing is $150 per session.

3 sessions minimum recommended.

4-6 sessions will offer more lasting results.