The Greek Leadership Academy

Learn the techniques, tools and skills to be a more effective leader of your chapter. This Leadership Academy is designed to enhance your capabilities as a new member educator, mentor, trainer and chapter leader. By developing personal leadership skills, participants will be better equipped to provide support to a Chapter-wide and Cornell community-wide initiative for change. In addition, this one-credit course will appear on your transcript and strengthen your resume for employment or other post-graduate pursuits.

Greek Leadership Academy Offerings for the 2017-18 Academic Year:

Fall 2017

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Don’t miss this opportunity to help your chapter and chapter leaders to develop better communication, leadership skills and stronger bonds.​

ACADEMIC CREDIT: The Greek Leadership Academy is an approved 1 credit course. In addition, ALS 2020 Greek Leadership Academy has been approved to count as a foundational course for the Tier 1: Leadership Essentials section of Cornell Univerity's newly created Leadership Minor.  This new undergaduate minor is under the auspice of  the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) and is open to any undergraduate student regardless of their major. When completed, the minor will be part of the student's permanent transcript.

BENEFITS to INDIVIDUALS: Enhance your personal skills in leadership, teambuilding and communication • Receive individual leadership coaching and training from nationally recognized leaders in the field of team and leadership development • Meet university VIP’s—upper level administrators and trustees—at networking events • Influence the development of future training programs for Cornell fraternity/sorority leaders • Receive one academic credit on your transcript reflecting your leadership training experience—good resume builder.

BENEFITS to CHAPTERS: Chapter leaders receive skills training that is directly applicable to new member education as well as other chapter activities • Chapter leaders receive real-time mentoring and support for their work with their chapters • New members benefit from having well-trained New Member Educators 


"The Greek Leadership Academy gave me a realistic view of my leadership style, strengths & weaknesses. It forced me to come and think about myself as a leader for 3 hours every week; and that was very informative and empowering. The program gave me great ideas about new activities and different approaches to the upcoming New Member Period. This program opened my eyes and made me certain that the Greek System needs to come together as one, to fight to keep us strong as a whole, during these trying times. Through the program, I realized that the first step to this is coming together as leaders of our individual organizations to make us realize the impact we can and do have on our members and on the future of the Greek Community."  -GLA Participant

"My experience with the Greek Leadership Academy has been very beneficial and insightful as a Fraternity President. I left the Greek Leadership Academy with an arsenal of leadership-specific techniques, tools and skills which have lead me to be a more effective leader which members of my chapter have told me first hand. One of the greatest advantages of the Greek Leadership Academy is that it brings together leaders all across the Greek Community to work as one."

*REQUIREMENTS: Individual participants are required to participate in all sessions of the program for academic credit • Individual participants must be planning on being a chapter officers in Spring 2017 • Participating chapters must be planning to do intake/recruitment and new member education in Spring 2017

Fall 2017 Greek Leadership Academy

DATES:  This program occurs in two parts, a 5-part evening series in the Fall, followed by a team development program for new members (optional).


Select either the Monday or Wednesday night series for your chapter. Two members of your chapter MUST be in the same Section to go through the program together.  

Monday Series: 7:30-9:55 pm Oct. 23, Oct. 30, Nov. 6, Nov. 13, Nov. 30 (NEW START DATE)

Wednesday Series: 7:30-9:55pmOct. 18, Oct. 25, Nov. 1, Nov. 8, Nov. 15 (SESSION CLOSED)

Cost: $200/person (many chapter alumni groups are willing to pay this tuition- ask them!)


As part of your New Member Education plan, you can choose to schedule a team development session (either on campus or at the Hoffman Challenge Course) for your new members in the spring semester.  The deadline for holding this event will align with the end of the New Member period.

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