CTLC & collaborators receive Ewing Family Service Award to serve campus veteran community

We are very proud to announce that, in collaboration with the Undergraduate Veterans Association of Cornell, Cornell Veterans Colleague Network Group (VCNG) and the Ithaca branch of Team RWB, CTLC has received a Ewing Family Service Award to support the veteran community at Cornell.

The goals of this initiative are to enhance the quality and integration of the veteran community and their allies at Cornell by introducing new student veterans to Cornell’s mentoring and support network, using Cornell Outdoor Education’s Hoffman Challenge Course as the venue.

To kick off this iniative, 18 members of the Cornell veteran community gathered on a chilly morning in mid-November to participate in a half day of team activities, high ropes challenges and community building at CTLC’s Hoffman Challenge Course.

Led by Kevin Morris, a CTLC facilitator and veteran of the US Marine Corps, highlights of the program were the breadth of activities geared towards networking, the theme of learning to ask for help, and building a strong team of veterans and allies.  One participant noted “the course challenged me to push myself to limits I had never attempted to reach. Several activities were great metaphors for life and [professional] companies.”

CTLC has had the pleasure of working on other occasions with Ithaca’s branch of Team RWB, which also serves to enrich the network and community of veterans and their allies in the area, VCNG, and the Undergraduate Veterans Association of Cornell.  We look forward to continuing to serve this community through our teambuilding and challenge course programs, and are grateful to the Ewing Family Foundation and the Cornell Public Service Center for their support of these initiatives.