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Welcome to the Cornell Team & Leadership Center

A nationally recognized leader in the field of experience-based learning.

Our promise: to increase the effectiveness of your team by improving communication skills; promoting inclusion and a commitment to diversity; enhancing levels of trust; developing leadership; and promoting greater accountability in team members. We fulfill our customer commitments through thorough needs assessment and by gaining commitment to an appropriate and well designed process.

Looking for a team development program for your organization, club, or work team? CTLC has provided programs for over twenty thousand students and professionals since our beginning in 1997. Our custom programs range from short icebreaker sessions to multi-day trainings that combine dynamic, experiential learning with models that make sense for you and your team. We can also utilize diagnostic instruments such as the respected Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment® (MBTI®).

We believe our work can transfer and benefit organizations near and far from Ithaca,
and we regularly work with professionals looking to increase effectiveness, and have deeper connections in order to succeed. As the pace of change increases, and as procedure manuals are replaced by vision statements, trust and teamwork matter more than ever. Developing High Performing Teams is our work, and we are proud of what we do.

"There are several reasons that I like using Hoffman.  It's close:  we use less gas and time coming and going.  It's always been affordable. For me it has always been tremendously helpful in my intern orientation days.  It lets all of us start to get to know each other's character, nature, ability, our boundaries; people automatically show their comfort level for participations.  Everyone from your staff who has ever helped direct our program has always been enjoyable, professional, skillful, and very kind."

                                                                                                                                                                                                        -- Phil Syphrit, Cornell Plantations Interns

We look forward to working with you!

Amy Kohut, Director, Cornell Team & Leadership Center @ Cornell Outdoor Education

Matt Cowburn, Challenge Course Program Coordinator,  Cornell Team & Leadership Center @ Cornell Outdoor Education

Annie Socci, PhD, Academic & Long Term Programs Coordinator,  Cornell Team & Leadership Center @ Cornell Outdoor Education

Erica Freeman & Tara Murphy, Student Program Coordinators, Cornell Team & Leadership Center @ Cornell Outdoor Education