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WFR Recertification

WFR Recertification

This 3-day (24 hour) course is a recertification course open to graduates of ALL wilderness medical training courses of 64 hours or longer with a current certification. Upon successful completion of this course you will receive certificates of course completion in WFR, Anaphylaxis and BLS-level CPR certifications. Completion of pre-course study packet is required for all participants. Click here for CEU availability. Topics include patient assessment, body systems, equipment improvisation, trauma, environmental medicine, toxins, backcountry medicine, wilderness protocols, and wilderness rescue. CLASS FORMAT 24 hours over 3 days. Mornings are devoted to lectures and exams. Afternoons are devoted to practical hands-on sessions and rescue simulations. Expect one or two rescue simulations with made-up victims and stage blood that will be videotaped for enhanced learning. Evenings are reserved for study and assignments. Sample Syllabus Day 1 8 hours Introduction/Registration; Review Study Packet; Patient Assessment System; Basic Life Support; Circulatory System; Respiratory System; Nervous System; Lifts, Moves and Extrications; PAS Drills Day 2 8 hours Musculoskeletal; Dislocations; Spine Management; Wounds and Burns; PAS Drills; Splints I - Extremities; Splints II - Spines; Simulation; Day 3 8 hours Allergies and Anaphylaxis; Environmental Injuries; PAS Drills; Simulation; Final Testing; Conclusion

Course Schedule

Date Time Activity
Fri Apr 5 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Class
Sat Apr 6 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Class
Sun Apr 7 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Class

The Essentials

Prerequisites: Please note: Due to contractual obligations this course is available only to Cornell Students, Faculty, and Staff. WFR certification. Please check with your certifying organization (WMA, SOLO, WMI) to determine validity of your certification and how this re-cert class will be viewed. COE does not directly certify first aid classes. Attendance at all class meetings is required in order to test for re-certification.
Course Fee:
$325.00 (students)
$355.00 (CU faculty/staff)
$0.00 (community)
Interested in Financial Assistance? Download an application and see if you qualify.
Drop Deadline:
Friday, January 25, 2013
PE Credit
Available for PE credit.
P ED 1627 (ID #9430)
Course Coordinator
Benjamin Blakeley
(607) 254-8264

First Class:
Attendance at first class is required. Bring completed medical forms and health insurance information.

Equipment Needed: