Employment Opportunities at CTLC

We currently have openings available for:

Challenge Course Facilitator​

Low Elements & Facilitation Training

High Ropes Skills Training

Tower Training (Zip line and giant swing)

Student Coordinator for Summer/Fall semester


Challenge Course Facilitator​ (Multiple positions, open to students, staff & community!)

One of the coolest jobs at Cornell is certainly working as an instructor for Cornell Outdoor Education. The Cornell Team & Leadership Center hires and trains students and community members to facilitate icebreakers, low element teambuilding, and high element challenge course programs.

We are are offering free Low and High Initiative trainings for those who are interested in Cornell Team & Leadership Center and have intent to work for us. No previous experience on a challenge course is required, though previous experience as either a staff or participant on a challenge course is preferred.

Following the trainings, each facilitator is expected to TA 3 low and 3 high programs. During the TA time, you will verify your skills, and receive feedback from the Lead Facilitator. Once you and the Lead Facilitator agree upon your readiness, you can start facilitating for pay. For some people with experience, it may take less than 3 programs, for others with less or no experience, it may take more than 3 programs.

Trainings open to new staff:

Low Elements and Facilitation Training

Each training period is 2-days in length, 9am-6pm each day at the Hoffman Challenge Course

May 4 and 5, 2019 (Weekend) NEW DATE

June 3 and 4, 2019 (Mid Week)

High Element Skills Training

Each training period is 2-days in length, 9am-6pm each day at the Hoffman Challenge Course

April 27 and 28, 2019 (Weekend)

June 5 and 6, 2019 (Mid Week)


Tower Training (for zip line and giant swing)

This training is an advanced training by invitation only

June 7, 2019 (Friday)


Student Coordinator - Cornell Team & Leadership Center for the Summer/Fall semester

The Team and Leadership Student Coordinator is a part-time position (10-15 hours per week when class is in session, 30-40 hours per week in summer) for a current Cornell University student who desires the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the business/administration side of outdoor education. This position entails significant responsibilities for all aspects of the Cornell Team & Leadership Center operations and services, including sales, client relations, marketing, contract management, scheduling, and staffing. This position may entail occasional weekend and evening responsibilities. This person will Co-Coordinate with one of our current Student Coordinators for the semester but will assume the full role during summer. 


  • Sales: Connect with clients, sell programs and answer inquiries about CTLC
  • Client relations: Take primary responsibility for maintaining client relationships, specifically student organizations. Responsibilities include returning phone calls and emails promptly, creating group contracts, distributing information sheets for program participants, and following up with evaluation summaries. In general, keeping clients informed and satisfied is the role to be played.
  • Marketing: Assume responsibility for marketing student programs. Responsibilities include advertising, flyer posting, emailing blasts, and creating up-to-date brochures.
  • Administration: Create and manage course folders, which consist of waivers, evaluations, log forms, incident reports, etc.
  • Scheduling: Schedule all programs at the Hoffman Challenge Course, Barton Challenge Course, and portable programs on relevant calendars. Schedule vans and any other necessary facilities.
  • Staffing: Arrange staffing of student programs through email and phone contacts, generate staff contracts from CTLC database, and track Staff certifications and training. 
  • Assist the CTLC Director, Challenge Course Programs Coordinator, and Academic and Long Term Programs Coordinator in all aspects of coordination and implementation of CTLC programs, including but not limited to professional programs, facility maintenance, and special projects as needed.



  • Strong organizational skills
  • Computer proficiency 
  • Excellent personal leadership and communication skills 
  • Flexible, energetic, team player
  • Working knowledge of Cornell Team & Leadership Center helpful
  • Previous experience in facilitating teambuilding programs helpful


  • Real, hands on work experience running all aspects of a growing outdoor program serving 6000 people per year 
  • Dynamic work environment
  • Support, supervision, and responsibility
  • Make a difference in the lives of Cornell University Students and the Ithaca Community
  • Discount on COE classes, rentals, programs, etc.

Apply Here!

Or, send a resume and cover letter to:

Karel A. Hilversum, CTLC Director

ph. 607-254-7474,    office; B01 Bartels Hall, Campus Rd, Ithaca, NY 14853