Publication highlights partnership with CU Library Mentors Program


For almost two years, CTLC has worked with CU Library staff to offer team and communication trainings to enhance their innovative mentoring program. The program aims to provide personal and professional growth within the organization. Recently, Amy Kohut and the program's leaders joined forces to write a comprehensive article about mentoring, including sharing their own journey developing the program here at Cornell. Congratulations to our partners at CUL for both developing such a successful program, and for creating a great resource for other organizations to do the same!

This is just one example of our mentoring partnerships.  We also enjoy working with student groups such as Cornell Unversity's Engineering Mentoring Partnerships (CU EMPower) to provide insightful activities and teambuilding opportunities .

Article is courtesy of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) and the American Library Association.

Source: Grow your Own Leaders: Cultivating Partnerships to Create a Sustainable Mentoring Program