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CAU Outdoor Adventure Summer Camp

Youth Programs at Cornell Outdoor Education

These high quality programs are offered in conjunction with Cornell's Adult University. The instructors from Cornell Outdoor Education provide a three hour enrichment program centered on outdoor adventure activities each morning. (descriptions follow) The afternoons and evenings are devoted to special-interest workshops, field trips on and off campus, and recreational activities (swimming, bowling, hiking, volleyball, and music/dance jam sessions). A very special week exploring Cornell, meeting new friends, and discovering interests and skills, all in a well-supervised, encouraging, and responsive environment, make this a vacation-of-a-lifetime for youth!

Big Reds and Junior Cornellians Outdoor Adventures (Ages 9 - 12) 

Led by instructors from Cornell's Outdoor Education Program, Big Reds and Junior Cornellians will sample group-challenge facilities including the Lindseth Climbing Wall and the Hoffman Challenge Course. All five mornings are filled with physical activities for kids who like to be on the move, including ground-level games, lessons on safety and technique, and rappelling.

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Cornell Teen College Outdoor Adventures (Ages 13 - 16) 

This course will feature rigorous physical challenges for the novice and experienced climber alike, superbly supervised by instructors from Cornell Outdoor Education (COE). The program will include teen-level ground games, Hoffman Challenge Course elements, and ascents on COE's Climbing Walls. You'll also complete a Tyrolean traverse across the Beebe Lake Gorge. For teens who enjoy non-competitive but highly physical activity, this is a good recreational opportunity in a safe but exciting learning environment.

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